Vaping Vs Smoking

What is Vaping?

The action of inhaling and exhaling vapor containing nicotine and flavoring produced by a device designed for this purpose.

  • Vaping is a harm reduction alternative to smoking. Vaping
    typically contains nicotine but does not contain cancer causing tobacco. We
    also offer non-nicotine options for our patrons that just want the feeling of
    smoking without the nicotine.

Our Take

Studies show that the typical success rate of quitting smoking using vaping is 60%. We know that 60% is a lot of people but to us it is not enough. We try to combine our knowledge of vaping and vaping products to provide you a comfortable experience and a knowledgeable guide in our stores to increase the success of your journey to quit smoking.

What is Cancer and What Causes Cancer?

  • Normal vs Abnormal Cells

    Cancer cells start out as abnormal cells already found in your body because a variety of reasons. These cells on their own are not generally a problem.

  • Cancer Cells and Damage

    When exposed to carcinogens, these abnormal cells can be damaged. This damage turns the normal process of cell division to replace old cells with new ones to turn into out-of-control cell replication also known as tumors.

How Cigarettes Cause Cancer

Many chemicals found in cigarettes are carcinogens. These carcinogens are the things that turn already abnormal cells in your body into out-of-control cancer cells. Smoking is the number one cause of preventable death from cancer.

Visit Cancer Research UK to Learn More

What's In Vape Liquid?

Vape liquid contains these main ingredients:

-Vegetable Glycerin (Commonly Called VG)

-Propylene Glycol (Commonly Called PG)


-Nicotine (Optional and not found in all liquids)

While flavorings, nicotine concentrations, and the ratio of PG/VG may vary, these
ingredients have been recognized by the FDA to be relatively safe for consumption.
In some people VG and PG can cause minor lung irritations. Vaping is not free of risks, but is it free of cancer causing tobacco.

We know that vaping is not a miracle pill. Vaping is a harm reduction tool we are
trying to use to achieve our mission of getting as many people off cigarettes as possible.