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House Blend – 16.5ml (while supplies last)
Supermint: Take a vape on your favorite spearmint flavor.
Raspberry Lemonade: Fresh squeezed lemonade with raspberries.
Watermelon: Straight up watermelon.
Cowboy: Standard full flavor tobacco; no fruity tooty stuff here, just tobacco!
Caramel Coffee: Waking up with a nice caramel coffee blend makes the day better.
Graham Slam: Everything good about a s’more minus the chocolate.
Birthday Cake: Cake batter vape.
Berry Menthol: A nice berry blend with a hint of menthol.
Screwport: A bold tobacco with a menthol finish.
Butterscotch: Just like the candies grandma used to have.
Blast: Cool, refreshing menthol. No more, no less.
Tart Sweets: This juice is the same candy we all love.
Pink Starblast: Like a chewy pink candy.
Triple Berry: A mixed blend of strawberry, blueberry, & blackberries.
Great White Bubble: A refreshing white grape bubble gum!
Fireball!: ​Spicy cinnamon!
Cherry Bomb: An explosive cherry flavor

Premium Juice

Big Tobacco - 15ml /120ml (0mg,6mg,12mg,18mg,24mg)

Tribacco: The perfect blend of three tobacco flavors

Murica: The standard no nonsense full flavored tobacco

Honeybacco: Pipe tobacco with a honey finish

Cool Menthol: Smooth menthol you can vape on all day

King Menthol: The most intense menthol we have found to date


House Blend - 30ml (0mg,3mg,6mg,12mg,18mg)

Supermint: Spearmint

Cowboy: Standard full flavor tobacco

Caramel Coffee: Nothin’ tops the first hit of caramel coffee in the mornin’

Berry Menthol: Berry blend with a hint of menthol

Screwport: Bold tobacco with a hint of menthol

Blast: Cool, refreshing menthol

Pink Starblast: Your favorite flavor of your favorite solid, yet juicy candy

Triple Berry: Strawberry, blueberry, & blackberries


Bad Drip - 60ml

Don’t Care Bear: Peach and pear with sour gummy guts

Bad Blood: Blueberry, pomegranate with an acai like vanilla finish

God Nectar: Passionfruit, orange, mango, & guava


Pacha Mama - 60ml

The Mint Leaf: Honeydew, berry, kiwi with a mint finish

Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine: Fuji apple, strawberry, & nectarine

Huckleberry Pear Acai: Blend of tart berries and sweet pear


Silverback Gold Series - 60ml

Mombo: Bourbon, Bavarian cream tobacco


Chubby Bubble Vape - 60ml

Purp: A delicious grape flavored gum for the big leagues

Razz: A delicious blue raspberry gum for the big leagues


Naked 100 60ml (0mg,3mg,6mg,12mg)

Lava Flow: Strawberry and pineapple with a creamy coconut finish

Really Berry: Blackberry, blueberry, and sugar coated lemons

Hawaiian POG: Passion fruit, orange, and guava

Melon: Honeydew, pineapple, cantaloupe, and menthol

Strawberry Pom: Strawberry, kiwi, pomegranate with an icy finish

Berry: Blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, and menthol

Crisp Menthol: The Crispiest of menthols we have found

American Patriots: Virginia fire-cured tobacco

Cuban Blend: Aromatic, medium-bodied, full flavor tobacco

Euro Gold: An exceptional smooth body tobacco blend


Coastal Clouds - 60ml

Blood Orange Mango: Snow cone infused with mango and blood orange

Blueberry Limeade: Tart limeade infused with a burst of blueberry

Tobacco: Smooth tobacco from a Cuban cigar


Red’s Apple by 7 Daze 60ml (0mg,3mg,6mg,12mg)

(Available in regular and menthol)

Apple Original: Juicy red apple

Apple Peach: Juicy red apple with peach

Apple Strawberry: Juicy red apple with strawberry

Apple Berries: Juicy red apple with a blend of berries

Apple Grape: Juicy red apple with grape

Apple Watermelon: Juicy red apple with watermelon

Apple Fruit Mix: Juicy red apple with a blend of fruits


Primitive Vape Co. - 60ml

ESMP: Custard pie chased with a shot of creamy espresso

BBMP: Custard pie topped with blueberries

RZMP: Custard pie topped with raspberries

MPNDA: Flakey strawberry empanada


Casadaga E-Liquid - 60ml

Cannoli Be Breakfast: Cannoli topped with your favorite fruit cereal

Cannoli Be Cookie: Cannoli topped with your favorite sandwich cookie


Glas Basix - 60ml

Fizzy Lemonade: Icy cool, crispy lemon-lime light soda

Sugar Cookie: Cinnamon, vanilla cookie fresh out of the oven

Caribbean Punch: A peach, strawberry, apple, and pineapple punch

Banana Cream Pie: Creamy banana pie filling

Blueberry Cake: Sweet and decadent blueberry cake

Butterscotch Reserve: A creamy vanilla RY4 tobacco with butterscotch

Strawberry Blast: Sweet and sour strawberry gummy

Mango Tango: Juicy mangos paired with pineapple and black currant

Pound Cake: Fluffy pound cake topped with lemons

Blue Razz: Blue raspberry taffy

PBLS: Fruity cereal with vanilla and macaron

O.F.T: Old fashioned watermelon taffy with notes of strawberry


VPN E-Liquid - 60ml

Fitzcelli: Blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, boysenberry, and cactus fruit


Charlie Noble - 60ml (0mg,3mg,6mg,12mg)

Tripoli: A Turkish tobacco blend with almonds and figs


Air Factory - 60ml

Unflavored: No flavor here... Plain ol’ plain ol’

The Graham - 60ml (0mg,3mg,6mg,12mg)

Original: Golden graham cracker infused with creamy milk

Strawberry: Graham cracker infused with creamy milk and strawberry

Blueberry: Graham cracker infused with creamy milk and blueberry

Tobacco: Golden graham cracker infused with creamy milk and tobacco


Propaganda - 60ml (0mg,3mg,6mg,12mg)

Blue Frost: A cool and refreshing blue raspberry slushie

Cookie Butter: Oatmeal cookie with brown sugar and milk


Exiled - 60ml

Berried Marzberry: Maraschino cherries topped with marshmallows


Innevape - 75ml (0mg,3mg,6mg,12mg)

Heisenberg: BLUE slushie. It’s literally blue

Heisenberg Menthol: Icy cool blue slushie. It’s also blue

Carousel: A cotton candy mystery.


Lyfe E-Liquid - 100ml

Berry Bliss: a blissful blend of blackberries and blueberries

Aloha Fusion: Exotic Tropical fruit fusion

Alpine Melon: A mix of wild strawberries and watermelon


Juice Head - 100ml

(Available in regular and menthol)

Peach Pear: Fresh ripe peaches with juicy pears

Strawberry Kiwi: Fresh Strawberries with sweet kiwis

Blueberry Lemon: Fresh Blueberries with zesty lemons

Pineapple Grapefruit: Sweet pineapples with zesty grapefruit

Guava Peach: Fresh guava with sweet peaches

Watermelon Lime: Sweet watermelon with sweet lime

Mango Strawberry: Ripe juicy mangos with sweet strawberries


Skwezed - 100ml

(Available in regular or menthol)

Green Apple: Fresh and crispy green apple

Watermelon: Juicy, sweet watermelon

Banana: Ripe, sweet banana

Strawberry: Fresh, smooth strawberry


Prohibition - 100ml

Sin Tax: Peanut butter custard

Ridin Shotgun: Golden cookie pudding

White Lightning: Watermelon lemonade

White Lightning on Ice: Watermelon lemonade with menthol

Speakeasy: Root beer float

18th Amendment: A blend of strawberries, watermelon, white peach and orange with a smooth creamy finish

Black Market: A rich, decadent chocolate pudding topped with chocolate cookies

Boozehound: Blend of sharp blood orange juice and bubbly champagne


Cloud Nurdz - 100ml

Grape Apple: Fresh apples with sweet grapes

Watermelon Apple: Watermelon and apple taffy

Peach Blue Raspberry: Sweet peaches and tart blue raspberries

Iced Peach Blue Raspberry: Icy cool peaches and blue raspberries


The One - 100ml

The One Strawberry: Strawberry donut cereal

The One Blueberry: Blueberry donut cereal

The One Apple: Apple cinnamon donut dipped in milk

The One Lemon: Lemon crumble cake

The One Marshmallow: Marshmallow donut cereal


Neighborhood E-Liquid - 100ml

Mucho Apple: A juicy blast of granny smith apples

Mucho Mango: A sweet, ripe mango from the islands

Mucho Pina Colada: Pineapple with a rich coconut cream and rum

Mucho Guava: Ripe, juicy handpicked guava with a tart finish

Mucho Berry: Sweet blueberries mixed with tart red raspberries and a burst of mouthwatering blue raspberries

Mucho Strawberry: Lush strawberries with notes of sweet and tart


MRKT PLCE E-Liquid - 100ml

Watermelon Hula Berry Lime: Unique blend of watermelon, fresh-squeezed lime and hula berries

Fuji Pear Mangoberry: Crisp apples, sweet fresh-picked pears and juicy mangoes blended with berries

Pineapple Peach Dragonberry: Tropical blend of pineapple, sweet peach and dragon fruit

Blue Punchberry: A blend of sour blue raspberry, sweet lemonade and notes of tangy lime

Pink Punchberry: Fresh squeezed lemonade with crisp strawberries and infused with watermelon

Blood Orange Tangoberry: A vibrant mix of sweet blood orange, juicy grapefruit and fresh tangoberries

One Up Vapor - 100ml

Orgasm: Blend of ripe watermelon and juicy guava

Orgasm Ice: Blend of ripe watermelon and juicy guava with menthol


Chain Vapez 100 - 120ml

Sunset Sherbert: Orange, fruit medley sherbet

Sour Diesel: Sour hard, chewy candy

Revenge: Blueberry lemonade

Sauce: Raspberry and lemons


Twist E-Liquid - 60ml

Berry Amber: Strawberry honey graham

Banana Amber: Banana oatmeal cookie

Green No. 1: Honeydew melon chew

Red No. 1: Watermelon madness

Blend No. 1: Tropical pucker punch

Pink No. 1: Pink punch lemonade

Pink 0°: Iced pink punch lemonade

Purple No 1: Berry medley lemonade

White No. 1: White pineapple gummy

Purple Grape: Grape and berry mix

White Grape: White grape with citrus and candied flavors


Transistor E-Liquid - 60ml

Basic B: A rich butterscotch bourbon

Bluetiful Disaster: A deep blue raspberry rocket pop

Tango Melon: A tangerine, mango, watermelon mix

Tango Chillin: A tangerine, mango, watermelon mix with menthol

Pango: A juicy pineapple and mango mix

Nectosphere: A tart tangerine and nectarine mix

Galactic Milk: A strawberry and raspberry jammy cereal bar

Lem’n Berry: An exotic pink lemonade


Nomenon - 120ml

Lemonomenon: A lemon juice so out of this world it’s a phenomenon

Cherry Lime Ginger: Fresh cherries, zesty lime, and bright ginger

Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin: A juicy cactus and jackfruit with mandarin

White Peach Raspberry: Juicy white peaches with ripe raspberries

Pear Green Apple Peach: Pear with green apple and peach

Caramel Butterscotch Classic: A concoction of caramel, butterscotch and vanilla cream


Vapor Lock - 120ml (0mg,3mg,6mg,12mg)

Vapor Lock Menthol: Our flagship flavor is a mix of berries & menthol


Beard - 120ml

No. 32: Cinnamon funnel cake


Doc Brown’s Private Stock - 120ml

Truth Serum: A fruity mix of peach, strawberry, watermelon, and pear