Costs: Vaping VS Smoking

Not only are there many health benefits to using vaping as an alternative to smoking, vaping is a better financial option as well. We believe it is important to be transparent about the financial costs of the products we sell and educate as many as possible about what we know.



We did the math to see how long $100 dollars would last you with smoking and different vaping products in an effort to provide value and transparency for our customers and those looking to quit traditional tobacco but are unsure of the cost benefits associated with vaping.

For these estimates we compare cigarettes, disposable vapes, sub-ohm high wattage tank devices, and pod systems to find the daily and yearly cost as well as how long $100 dollars will last you with each type of product.



With our estimates we found that you will get about 11 and a half days with smoking, 16 days with disposable vapes, 23 days with higher wattage/higher vapor sub-ohm tanks, and 39 days with low wattage/low vapor pod systems.


Daily/Yearly Costs