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Nicotine Salt Juices


Baton Vapor - 10ml (25mg & 50mg)

Iced Watermelon Limeade: Watermelon limeade with a cool hit

Island Mango: A ripe mouthful of mango

Fruit Confit: Mouth watering fruit candy

Iced Banana Milk: A cool, milky banana

Vanilla Wafer: A spot on take of your favorite vanilla cookie

Glacier Mint: A minty flavor straight from Antarctica


Pacha Mama - 30ml (25mg & 50mg)

Icy Mango: A juicy mango with an icy kick

Starfruit Grape: An exotic starfruit with a juicy grape

Sorbet: A raspberry, lemon Italian ice

Strawberry Watermelon: Sweet strawberries with juicy watermelon


Chain Vapez 100 - 30ml (35mg & 50mg)

Sauce: Raspberries and zesty lemons

Sunset Sherbert: Orange, fruit medley sherbet

XXX: Three strawberries from across the world

XXX and Chill: Three strawberries from across the world with menthol


Innevape - 30ml (24mg & 50mg)

Carousel: Cotton candy

The Berg: Blue Slushie


Bad Drip - 30ml (25mg & 45mg)

Don’t Care Bear: Peach and pear infused into sour gummy guts

God Nectar: Passionfruit, orange, mango, and guava


Primitive - 30ml (25mg & 50mg)

Blueberry MilkPie: Custard pie topped with blueberries


VPN - 30ml (20mg,35mg,50mg)

Fitzcelli: Blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, boysenberry, and cactus fruit


Skwezed - 30ml (25mg & 50mg)

(Available in regular or menthol)

Green Apple: Fresh and crispy green apple

Watermelon: Juicy, sweet watermelon

Banana: Ripe, sweet banana

Strawberry: Fresh, smooth strawberry


Glas Basix - 30ml (30mg & 50mg)

Fizzy Lemonade: An icy cool, crisp lemon lime soda with pineapple

Juicy Apple: A delicious blend or red and green apples with fruit juice

Blue Razz: Delightful mixed berries and refreshingly sweet candy taffy.

Banana Cream Pie: Creamy banana pie filling


Yogi - 30ml (35mg & 50mg)

Java Granola Bar: A chewy granola bar dipped in coffee

Blueberry Granola Bar: A chewy granola bar engulfed in blueberries

Peanut Butter Banana Granola Bar: Granola with peanut butter & banana

Apple Cinnamon Granola Bar: Rich granola with crisp apples and cinnamon.


Casadaga E-Liquid - 30ml (25mg & 50mg)

Cannoli Be Breakfast: Cannoli topped with your favorite fruit cereal

Cannoli Be Mine: Cannoli topped with strawberries and cream

Cannoli Be Graham: Cannoli sandwiched in honey graham crackers

Cannoli Be Cookie: Cannoli topped with your favorite sandwich cookie


Twist E-Liquid - 30ml (35mg & 50mg)

Blend No. 1: Tropical pucker punch

Green No. 1: Honeydew melon chew

Red No. 1: Watermelon madness

Pink No. 1: Pink punch lemonade

Purple No. 1: Berry medley lemonade

Pink 0°: Iced pink punch lemonade

Crimson No. 1: Strawberry Lemonade

Mint 0°: Refreshing blast of menthol combined with a cooling mint!


Mi-Salt - 30ml (20mg & 40mg)

Mango: Ripe, juicy mango

Grape: Juicy, fresh grapes

Menthol: Consistent, icy cool menthol


I Love Salts - 30ml (25mg & 50mg)

Classic Menthol: A standard chilling menthol for the ages

Classic Tobacco: A standard cured tobacco for the ages

Spearmint: A classic spearmint chewing gum

Blue Raspberry Ice: Blend of blue raspberries with a touch of menthol

Blue Strawberry: Cool coconut with pineapples topped with strawberries

Grappleberry: Blueberries with sweet and tangy grapes and apples.


Reds Apple by 7 Daze 30ml (30mg & 50mg)

(Available in regular and menthol)

Apple Original: Juicy red apple

Apple Peach: Juicy red apple with peach

Apple Berries: Juicy red apple with a blend of berries

Apple Grape: Juicy red apple with grape

Apple Fruit Mix: Juicy red apple with a blend of fruits


Coastal Clouds - 30ml (35mg & 50mg)

Blueberry Limeade: A refreshing limeade topped with sweet blueberries

Iced Mango Berries: Tropical mango with tart berries and menthol


Nomenom - 30ml (24mg & 48mg)

Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin: A juicy cactus and jackfruit with mandarin

White Peach Raspberry: Juicy white peaches with ripe raspberries

Cherry Lime Ginger: Fresh cherries, zesty lime, and bright ginger


Air Factory - 30ml (18mg & 36mg)

Blue Razz: Sweet, mellow blue raspberries

Blue Razz Ice: Sweet, mellow blue raspberries with menthol

Mint: Classic spearmint

Menthol: Icy, cool menthol

Berry Rush: Exotic mix of wild berries

Mix Berry: Mystery summer berries mixed into a candy

Melon Lush: Chewy watermelon taffy

Melon Lush Ice: Chewy watermelon taffy with menthol

Four Seasons - 30ml (30mg & 50mg)


American Tobacco: A classic full flavored American tobacco

Desert Tobacco: A deep, rich earthy tobacco flavor

RY4 Tobacco: A creamy vanilla cured tobacco flavor

Turkish Tobacco: A cured Turkish tobacco flavor

Menthol Tobacco: A classic menthol tobacco flavor 


The Graham - 30ml (30mg & 50mg)

Original: Golden graham cracker infused with creamy milk

Strawberry: Graham cracker infused with creamy milk and strawberry

Blueberry: Graham cracker infused with creamy milk and blueberry

Tobacco: Golden graham cracker infused with creamy milk and tobacco


Vapor Lock - 30ml (36mg & 50mg)

Vapor Lock Menthol: Our flagship flavor is a mix of berries & menthol


One Up Vapor - 30ml (25mg & 50mg)

Orgasm: A medley of watermelon and guava

Orgasm Ice: A medley of watermelon and guava with menthol


MRKT PLCE E-Liquid - 30ml (24mg & 48mg)

Blue Punchberry: A blend of sour blue raspberry, sweet lemonade and notes of tangy lime

Pink Punchberry: Fresh squeezed lemonade with crisp strawberries and infused with watermelon

Blood Orange Tangoberry: A vibrant mix of sweet blood orange, juicy grapefruit and fresh tangoberries

Fuji Pear Mangoberry: Crisp apples, sweet fresh-picked pears and juicy mangoes blended with berries


Neighborhood E-Liquid - 30ml (25mg & 50mg)

Mucho Mango Punch: A sweet, ripe mango from the islands

Mucho Berry: Sweet blueberries mixed with tart red raspberries and a burst of mouthwatering blue raspberries